Sketching workshop presented by Meghan Armstrong. Photo by OpenRoad.

Two days. All the UX.

UX Masterclass is a hands-on workshop for professionals who want to learn more about user experience and designing for the web.

It’s not just for experts. UX Masterclass is a professional development course for anyone who wants a better understanding of how people interact with digital and online solutions.

We got more out of this 2 day course than an entire week at a UX conference.

— Jonathan and Elizabeth Kohl

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This comprehensive two-day course teaches you the tools, techniques, and best practices you need to enhance the way your organization approaches user experience design.

Day 1

  • UX is everything

    Consider every interaction to create a cohesive experience.

    UX is everything

    Thinking beyond a single product to the interconnected system of digital and physical touchpoints supporting a brand is more critical than ever before. Applying design thinking to your organization’s brand ecosystem is integral to crafting exceptional experiences for both customers and employees.

  • Setting a compelling vision

    Chart a course for the road ahead.

    Setting a compelling vision

    The value of a vision cannot be overstated. Chart a course that focuses on enterprise-wide goals, builds shared understanding, and is nimble enough to respond to changes in technology, business operations, and user needs.

    We’ll guide you on how to gather the information you need to create a strong user experience vision via executive interviews, listening labs, and data.

  • Walk a mile in their shoes

    Collecting and analyzing qualitative data.

    Walk a mile in their shoes

    People have unique needs and motivations. It’s critical to have a clear understanding of your audiences and prioritize them accordingly to ensure a focused and thoughtfully designed experience.

    Learn how to combine lightweight user research techniques to understand not only what people are doing, but why.

  • Measurement and analytics

    Use data to understand how people use your website or intranet.

    Measurement and analytics

    Measurement is essential to understanding how well digital assets are performing against business objectives and how to adjust course when necessary. It also offers insight into patterns of use and opportunities to improve the user experience, now and over time.

  • Content strategy

    Plan and prioritize the heart of your employee or customer portal.

    Content strategy

    Creating content can be a struggle. We know this. What’s even more challenging for a lot of teams is keeping content fresh and relevant for all audiences. Content is what users are looking for within a portal and is key to ensuring a solid user experience.

    Learn the tactics teams need to develop thorough content strategies. Not only will you and your organization know when it’s time to update your site content, you will also understand how content fits into the bigger picture of an experience.

  • Bringing your vision to life

    Digging into the details.

    Bringing your vision to life

    Once you have completed your research and are armed with data, it’s time to turn it into something meaningful. We’ll look at ways to involve your users, subject matter experts, and project stakeholders in the process of turning the data into ecommendations and tangible designs.

Day 2

  • Sketch it out, write it down, mash it up

    Draw your thoughts and open up possibilities.

    Sketch it out, write it down, mash it up

    Ideas aren’t magic, they are created through iterative processes, input from multiple people, and turning thoughts into visuals. Practice different techniques and approaches using tools for effective visual conversation and team brainstorming.

  • Setting the visual direction

    Pretty is shallow, design is deep.

    Setting the visual direction

    Design is more than just making it pretty. We will explore the design details that create frictionless experiences and bust common design myths.

    We will also discuss how to get buy-in early and prevent your team from getting bogged down in details.

  • Atomic design and prototyping

    Making it real sooner.

    Atomic design and prototyping

    Learn how to use prototypes to demonstrate your designs and follow atomic design principles to ensure changes are easy to make. The goal here is to push your ideas into a tangible product that shows your team where their input is needed.

  • Real world testing

    What you’ve built won’t matter if users don’t like it.

    Real world testing

    Vet your designs and prototypes with users to discover problems and ensure users remain the focus of every interaction. Usability testing in real-world scenarios – that include mobile devices – is just one example of what we will cover here.

  • Launch and beyond

    This is not an afterthought.

    Launch and beyond

    Launch is a milestone, but it's not the end. We’ll share how you can set your team up to continually invest in the success of your website or intranet.

  • Best practices

    Patterns you can use.

    Best practices

    Throughout the two days, we’ll share a number of best practices and design patterns that will give you a starting point for solving common interaction design challenges.

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For the best learning experence, each class is limited to 22 students. Breakfast and lunch are provided on both days!

$999 for first attendee
$699 for each additional attendee from your organization


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Meet the instructors

UX Masterclass instructors have a passion for sharing what teams need to create great user experiences.

Meghan Armstrong, UX Masterclass instructor

Meghan Armstrong

User Experience Consultant

Meghan Armstrong brings her design, sketching, and workshop facilitation skills to UX Masterclass. She’s crafted the user experience vision for dozens of intranets and websites as well as led teams to push the boundaries of design in enterprise organizations.

Read more about Meghan.

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